4 benefits of hiring a chauffeur

Not all journeys are meant for leisure, particularly for business travellers. Business travel often causes stress and exhaustion for frequent business travellers.

Apart from the agony of preparing for their meetings and scheduled plans on their business travel, there is also a certain important factor that needs to be taken into account while preparing; fraudulent persons might use this opportunity to conduct swindling. Luckily we have gathered some essential information below on how you can prevent fraud whilst on a business trip.

  1. Missing Queue

As you trust the strict policies of security in the airport, fraudulent people may grab this opportunity to make use of the securities power to steal some valuable possessions that you have.

For example, while you’re putting your luggage on a conveyor belt to be checked on the scanner and pass to the person pretending to take over the rest of the process, you’ll never notice their quick hands grabbing things with great value from your basket.

Better to keep an eye on your things throughout the process and be knowledgeable about the right process and persons who are allowed to inspect your belongings.

  1. Uncertain Distraction

Focus is one key factor to avoid yourself from the agony of loss and stolen belongings.

These type of bogus people usually comes in pairs, while one may ask you questions from nowhere or simply make distractions to have your attention; the other one will work on grabbing anything in your pockets such as wallets and phones.

Don’t get used to putting things in your pocket; the safest location is a secure place inside your bag. Furthermore, anti-theft backpacks can help you a lot with this matter.

  1. Surprisingly Kind Baggage Helper

There’s nothing much better than finding a nice and kind person to help you carry your stuff; however, not everyone will have good intentions.

While waiting at the airport, you may feel the call of nature and decide to ask for assistance from a stranger right beside you. This is not advisable, especially when your important and valuable belongings are in your suitcase. Whilst some can be honest, others will take advantage of your situation.

  1. Bogus Airport Taxi Transportation Rate

Although you might find it convenient to settle for a taxi service associated with the airport you’re in, there are significant factors you should check first. For a business traveller who’s not aware of the correct rates for taxi services, this can be one of many scams. It’s better to look for a more reliable and honest service or hire a chauffeur.

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You can rest assured you’re in safe and secure hands throughout your journey as all our drivers are thoroughly vetted, alongside all our cars having GPS tracking.

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