Top 3 chauffeur cars

Luxury cars aren’t just limited to high-end technologies and facilities but they are also famous for offering high levels of service, comfort and prestige. Such cars offer outstanding luxury. The list below ranks the top three cars which offer great performance and comfort for drivers and those being driven.

1. Range Rover

A world – known name in the field of luxury car manufacturing, Range Rover needs no introduction. The name itself is a definition of luxury. A perfect combination of luxury, quality and performance, Range Rover provides excellent performance. The moment you sit in the car, you will feel a sense of being special and unique.

2. Mercedes – Benz S – Class

The S – Class is perhaps one of the best luxury cars Mercedes has given to this world. It not only looks appealing when you drive it but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. The car does everything you expect. A long-wheelbase saloon, this car has torsional rigidity which is totally unprecedented. The standard air suspension does an amazing job with adaptive dampers. Engineered to perform with complete comfort and infused with state of the art technology, this car is the best vehicle to be used for luxury chauffeuring in London.

3. BMW X7

If there is a car which BMW has produced for reshaping the luxury car line, this model competes no less. This vehicle was launched with limited off the road activities. This 7 seater vehicle comes with the turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine in the UK, generating power of 394bhp. Its athletic looks make it stand out on the road. The interior is designed by keeping attention to details which are needed to make it a luxury vehicle. The car is a complete luxury package.

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